Julia Hirt

Spirituality and closeness to nature have accompanied me since the beginning of my search for truth. The methods I teach in my courses and sessions are based on many years of self-tested practice and have inspired my own life to the positive. Thus, I share the tools that serve me in my own health out of conviction. Certain meditation and physical exercises, the practice of gratitude and daily energy hygiene are an integral part of my daily life and keep me healthy, open, and grounded in a chaotic colourful world that never stands still.

I want to contribute with what I can do best to the change towards a healthy, loving society. Now is the time to become aware of our own repressed painful experiences and needs and to develop the compassion with ourselves that we so much desire from our environment. This is the only way and first step to open up to what moves our fellow human beings. It is the time to face your own path with presence and authenticity. A community consisting of individuals who have learned to take responsibility for their own experiences and wishes and who feel empowered to serve their own life mission and environment with full power is my vision and aspiration.

In my vocation I combine collected and developed knowledge from my inner and outer travels. The study of psychology, sociology and Chinese humanities at the universities of Trier and Hagen, training and courses in meditation, hypnosis, reiki, kinesiology, quantum healing, cell communication and morphic field work I combine with an intuitive connection to the cosmic energy field for the benefit of my clients.

I am excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge and to support fellow beings like you on their path of self-realization and holistic health back into community consciousness .

Only if you pay as much attention to the way as to the destination, the whole journey becomes an experience, not just arriving.

My Philosophy

 Holistic Health ∞

In my way of working I refer to the basic premise that illness and health are two manifestations of the state of living. When this state of living is out of balance, the level moves towards what is commonly called dis-ease.

With the methods I am familiar with, it is possible to identify and resolve patterns felt as ("dis-easing") blockages in the body and mind that disrupt the flow of energy in a sustainable, surprisingly fast and effective way.

The applied procedure is holisticly structured and intuitive .

In general medicine, it has been common practice until now to eliminate symptoms that indicate a disturbed balance in the system. The elimination of a symptom rarely leads to lasting health, but more likely to a new disease. This continues until the active disturbing core pattern, to which the symptom wants to draw attention, has been consciously or unconsciously found and dissolved by the client. Holistic therefore means to consider the entire body-soul-mind system of my clients and to create new causes together.

A holistic approach offers a direct path to lasting health. Once the cause of the energy blockage is released, there is no more reason for the system to send a pain symptom, everything flows.

The tools

Our responsibility is to help ourselves first. When we overflow, we are automatically a ray of light and inspiration for our neighbours. My Concern is to open the access to our own potential and to show how to continuously gain strength and endurance from it. I offer…

  • individual exercises and ways into lightness, mindfulness and acceptance (mindfulness, meditation)
  • new perspectives based on the analysis of motivation living or survival strategies (focus building & perspective)
  • practical solutions that bring you closer to your goal (solution-based concept)
  • means of self-empowerment to dissolve blockades and obstacles in the long term (energy clearing)
  • practical and theoretical support in getting to know and accept one's self in all aspects, including the shadow sides (connectedness)
  • an evaluation and individual guidance for efficient working and workplace design (flow effect)
  • methods for dropping thoughts that hinder creativity and the own scope of possibilities (energy hygiene)
  • practical exercises to stay centered in one's own strength at any time in everyday life (earthing)

Design your life according to your ideas and draw energy from a lively authenticity that is fun, successful and contagious! I will thereby gladly support you to the best of my knowledge and belief. I will thereby gladly support you to the best of my knowledge and belief.