Meister-Hypnose mit Julia Hirt

Procedure of an Online-Hypnosis Session

The client lies on a comfortable surface in their familiar surroundings and is guided via video chat into a hypnotic state that feels similar to the relaxation state just before falling asleep at night. The client is fully responsive and conscious at all times, merely mentally relaxed. Then the previously agreed affirmative suggestions (positive sentences on the respective topic) are spoken by the hypnotist based on the individually created guiding text, similar to what one may know from a dream journey in childhood, where someone reads out a beautiful fantasy text to which one can relax.

After a subsequent resting phase in which the words heard sink in, the hypnosis is dissolved and the client is again in a normal waking state. In a follow-up conversation, what was experienced during the hypnosis is discussed.

The implied impulses for change usually unfold their full effect in the course of the following 2-5 days, whereby a so-called initial worsening can occur, as is known from the use of homeopathic remedies. This can, but does not have to occur and is a reason for joy, as it is a sign that the hypnosis was successful.

The number of sessions necessary to reach the agreed goal depends on the subject and the client's will to change. After the free consultation, an individual non-binding offer is made. A single session lasts 60-90 minutes*.

On request, special packages in the form of group sessions (e.g. on smoking cessation) are also available for certain topics, in which case the total price can be lower for all participants.

I will be happy to answer further questions about the process and price in a non-binding Free First Consultation.

*Please contact us about prices.