Mindfulness Meditation Package

"The most delicious experience is experiencing your own aliveness."

Do you want to be balanced and enjoy your life more? Do you want to live more in the Here and Now and develop a relaxed relationship with your body, feelings and thoughts? Strengthen your compassion with those around you? Strive towards your goals with greater focus? Then discover what Mindfulness Meditation can do for you. Here (click!) you will find more information about meditation.

Request a package now: Send me an email the subject line  Mindful7.

Info: This package is arranged as 21-day course via telephone or video consultation, unless otherwise described. According to scientific findings, the subconscious mind needs between 20-30 days to install a new habit, depending on the individual.

For special formats such as weekend bootcamps (compact packages), extensions, offline presentations, or other suggestions, feel invited to get in touch.